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Never Landed to These Mobile App UX Design Mistakes

Never Landed to These Mobile App UX Design Mistakes

The number of mobile phones and dependency over the same is enhancing dramatically through the past 10 years. On an estimate, about 88% of the users used to visit apps using their mobile phones compared to seeing through desktop or PC. With increased screen time, the demand for having a mobile app is increasing too. As the competition increases so it becomes harder to stand out in the competition.

In preparing a successful mobile app, you need to have lots of features and with UX design your app can communicate with the end users. UX has all the power to make your app a success or a failure and so this is much required not to ignore the most important factor when designing the app. There are lots of apps there and to make yours a best in all it should have some competitive factors to land to success you need to stay away from the below-mentioned mistakes that can prove harmful for your app.

What Is Mobile App UX

UX or User experience is a way that helps a mobile app development provide an impact experience for the users using design principles. This is not just restricted t software projects but anything that affects the user experience plays a vital role in that and making it digital product design.

Do Mobile App UX, Design Matters

An app revolves around the powerful UX and leaves a better user experience. A mobile app creates the UX principles for designing things for giving users a wonderful experience. This is believed to be the core and strategic business decision. Concisely, UX is vital as it vanishes the problematic user experience. It lessens the friction to be effective for users. A mobile app is hard to use then users delete them. Many businesses think that Mobile app UX means a nicely effective idea to please the eyes and provide the best in class. You are required resources to achieve that. Below mentioned are the points that you need to consider if not wanted to land issues with the mobile app UX design.

Manage These Mistakes Of Mobile App UX Design

Not Using The Team Approach Well While Designing UX

It is believed by businesses that the UX for their mobile app can be designed by just one designer or a freelancer can get this done using the app design company. This can be a good idea to save money and get the project done quickly but the fact is that one should not take the user experience as a task that can be handled by an individual. This is teamwork that needs to be completed in collaboration with developers, designers, and quality teams to make that goal achieve effectively. So, never do that mistake.

Solution-You need to hire an expert team who will take wise decisions related to your project. This is even necessary if you don’t want to make changes in UX later in time.

Not Bothered About The End User

Many business owners have their opinions about the products and so they failed to consider the end customers. When business owners deal with app developers, they wanted them to keep their focus placed on how they believe the app should be and completely neglect the end-users and facts about how the users will get benefited from it. As a business person, this might be a tough decision to understand how the app will be liked by the end-users, but you wanted them to buy from you or be your loyal customers. Then definitely, you should include some features that will focus on users’ needs and preferences.

Solution- This is a good idea to keep personal preferences but for that don’t neglect the user preferences. You can merge both and prepare an effective solution. They have to make a user-centric UX design during the app development process.

Competitors Imitation

A successful business niche can drag many people interested in the same towards them and start a business. But, this is not that you have to follow every point closely according to your competitors. If you have a dream to make a brand for a specific niche, then you need to keep it unique and special compared to your competitors. If you don’t have anything special or new then how you can expect the users to choose you compared to eth competitors? You need to give the reason to make your product their first and only choice. Don’t do the mistake of copying your competitors when wanted to build a brand.

Solution- In place of imitating your competitors, you need to learn from their mistakes. Create something new and innovative which is missing in the competitor’s app and add valuable features to attract more customers.

UX Design is Just A One-Time Task Only

Many people believe that if they have done with the UX design for their business app then this is enough for the lifetime and not required to be changed in the future, but this is a myth. The actual effect of the app can be seen once will be launched successfully or used by the target audience. UX designs for the app decide how users will interact with the app and how that is effective for them. For a better experience, you need to closely listen to the users and give preference to their likes and dislikes and get the UX changed according to that.

Solution- One needs to understand that UX design is not a process that is done once and forgotten forever. This is what needs updating from time to time according to the user’s choices and preferences. An excellent idea is to go with launching a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for users and make it tested for the features. After you will get the user’s response you can decide on the success of the business app.


UX plays a vital role in the success of the business app and the possible mistakes mentioned above. Having a mistake in preparing the app affects your business as this will not reach the target audience. So for avoiding such mistakes, this will be helpful to get professional help. AR Digital Solutions is a leading Web Design Agency Brisbane. We are experienced in delivering UX-friendly mobile apps and websites that will serve your purpose for business. A team of expert professionals will understand your requirements and offer you customized products at affordable prices to you. For more information, you can contact us today!