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Keywords Role Play on Your Website Content

Keywords Role Play on Your Website Content

Over a decade, lots of things have changed in the SEO landscape. Lots of things that were previously worked in a manner have now completely changed. People still believe that writing the SEO article is to target keywords along with their variations and their work is done. It is true for some point but adding unplanned, non-fit keywords will not do any wonders for the website. Ensure you have added title tags, meta description, and H1 to make it fundamentally correct.

Google updates have completely changed the SEO game and as er merely adding relevant keywords at the right place has no direct connection to Google rankings. So, the focus should be shifted from stuffing keywords to making them fit the searcher’s intent. Content and SEO content are different as SEO content is not for humans and targets search engine rankings. So, ensure you are using SEO-friendly content to be in the game of better search engine ranks and keep users intact to the website as well.

Importance Of Using Keywords For SEO

Clear and comprehensive content that answers the queries of readers is important to get organic traffic to the website. To make it the more valuable right placement of keywords and using that in the best possible manner is important. Give a keyword to the writer and make him write on a particular topic. So, the result content focusing on creativity, information, and keyword placement in the right way will result in an effective piece of product. Focus on the point that the keyword is the input and the content is the output. That is the reason you need to focus more on answering the query and not just roam around the keyword or keyword stuffing. When there is a mental shift with referring keywords for searches and queries, this will become a perfect example of informative content which will satisfy the user’s questions and qualify for better ranks on search engines.

Challenges To Face When Creating A Keyword Oriented Yet Informative Content

Creating informative content is not a challenge actually because you need to focus on the associated queries or information about the topic and create content with a thought process. The problem arises when you wanted a keyword approach. While writing keyword-oriented content, never just focus on placing the keyword but make it useful in a way that goes with the flow. Stay away from long-tailed keywords because that is crucial to place. Use the keywords that represent the searches users speak or type. People prefer vanity keywords that ignore the large volume of queries and create impact and traffic for the site. Make the keyword work as the hero of the content that will add value to the same.


Google always prefers the rank content that answers the queries. To be in the game, make sure you are better with each passing day. It helps to keep track of the searched terms used by audiences. You can create the content using that and answer their queries organically without making additional efforts to address their queries. Make the keyword placement go with a natural flow to avoid stuffing and you will reach out to the target group and get the ultimate goal, which is higher ranks on search engines.