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How To Make Your Website Found on Google?

How To Make Your Website Found on Google_

How Can Google Find Your Website?

Getting a well-recognized image on search engine and various social media platforms have become the key to success for the website. SEO is not as easy as it seems, but understanding some points makes it easier to understand.

Follow the steps that will help you make you are found on Google

Understand the Power of Keywords

To achieve visibility on Google, target potential customers. Using well-researched keywords helps to get them accurately. You can get the keywords and phrases to use in content to target customers by appearing as organic search results. It can be a one- or two-word phrase that they might type into a search engine when searching for products, services, or any information. The longer phrases are known as long-tail keywords. The whole process starts with finding the potential keywords. You can do this by simply keeping yourself as the likely customer and filtering with the most relevant keywords. Once you have the list of keywords you can add expand by localizing, adding specific locations to the keywords, adding similar searches that are situated at the bottom of every SERP, and preparing the most suitable key phrase. Narrow down the keyword list after looking at the search volume for the Google Keyword Planner. You can also remove irrelevant keywords and choose the best ones to get a high monthly search volume. Now, use them to get better ranks on the web.

Make A SEO Ready Website

Optimizing the website to check Google’s visibility is an important thing to do. The web page should be rich with keywords and phrases and should also be easy for Google to crawl and for purpose, add the pages to the index and references in SERPs. It can be done with wise keyword placement, along with the content structure of your web page. Insert the suitable keywords in meta titles, meta descriptions, URLs, and image tags on your web pages. It will look at additional links within the content. Use original content, products, and genuine services and information on the website to achieve better credibility. Length is another vital factor considerable for making a website SEO ready. Ensure the word length needs to be at least 300 words and 800-1000 words at max. The apt length of information makes you get better google rankings. The lengthy content is key but it should be informative and digestible and scannable. Make it break down into smaller sections to attract the reader’s attention. Use plenty of bullet points, subheadings, and callouts or bold formatting to make it more attractive.

Get Verified

When you are in a customer-facing business, then you need to allow google to crawl the pages easily to get verification. It is a simple process, and you can follow the process to get verification.

  • Google Search Console – You need to go to the Google Search Console and submit your website. It is a great idea to check the issues your website facing and how it is impacting your business growth and ranks.
  • Google My Business – Create the Google My Business account after submitting the necessary details. Then you can find the business’s location on Google maps and claim for location. Once, you will receive the verification code received to your address, you can enter that code into your Google My Business profile. When you are verified, you will get optimized to Google My Business listing. So, try to fill the accurate information about contact details, opening hours, relevant images, and many more. It makes your communication with visitors easy.

Start With the Backlinking Campaign 

Placing the hyperlink back to your website from other websites having higher ranks on Google, then you can win half of the battle. So, it can give an SEO boost. When you have a hyperlink in the site from a website with high domain authority, then it is known as a backlink. You can start with the backlink campaign to reach the maximum number of people who control the content in high-domain authority sites. If influential people use the link on their site, then you will get a chance to get a maximum number of visitors. Ensure you use exclusive information, services, and products according to your interest in the audience of a particular site for getting a higher rank site.


These are the tips that prove helpful to get visibility on Google. AR Digital Solutions is an expert in SEO Optimization, Content Optimization, web design, and web development. We ensure your SERP presence while attracting traffic. For more information gives us a call!