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How Can Web Design Trends Affect Your Website’s Conversions?

How Can Web Design Trends Affect Your Website’s Conversions_

Each year brings something new to the table when it comes to web design trends. 2023 did not disappoint as well. With the advent of technological advancements such as in the field of artificial intelligence, new avenues appear that can be reaped to increase conversions. Having said that, each year also leaves behind some web design trends that have proved to be detrimental to conversion rate and user engagement. In this post, we will go through the hottest web design trends of 2023 and all that you need to discard to boost conversions.


Web designs these days are marked with specific psychological drivers, aimed at understanding the mind of users and making the best of it. User engagement is further enhanced by technological advancements that help create stunning websites and consequently boost conversions. The hottest web design trends of 2023 can be summed up as

Incorporation of AI

AI is the much-loved child of 2023, still in the developing phase yet already creating ripples. Web designers are incorporating AI in different aspects of websites such as AI-powered chatbots and AI-generated images. This helps to deviate from a set pattern of visuals and responses, giving users a personalised and unique experience.

Design Fluidity

Gone are the days of demarcation in web design. 2023 calls for fluidity in motion, blending lines to create an experience that’s both unified yet diverse. Strong lines are blurred to create a wave of natural movement across the website that enhances user experience and makes it easier to navigate through different sections of the website. Understanding the pattern of navigation adopted by a user helps create natural lines of progression that maintain an organic flow of the website.

Typography Trends

Different trends in typography are being incorporated by web designers. Some are aimed at putting across the message as clearly as possible such as super-sized typography while others warp the sense of reality and aim at creating visual effects that paint a certain picture in the user’s mind. Broken typography, layered typography, overlapping typography, and images blended with texts to create a textured appeal, all are aimed at enhancing user experience.

Micro Animations

Micro Animations are subtle movements that occur on the web page when users complete a specific action. It’s a powerful engaging tool that incorporates a fun, playful, and surprising element in the design. They help to effectively guide a user towards a required action rather than having static design elements. These micro animations boost conversions by dynamic navigation and by enhancing user engagement.

Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR)

Click on the camera icon to see how a pair of sunglasses looks on your face. Or click on the image to try out a pair of trousers. Augmented reality and virtual reality have the power to revolutionise user engagement and give them a more personal experience of your business, without having made the purchase. This is a carried-over trend, about to be made more interesting and engaging with the advent of AI. It’s best suited for e-commerce websites and blends in elements of 3D design that offer more than just aesthetic appeal.

Asymmetrical Layouts

Asymmetrical layouts have redefined the way sections are created on a website. Earlier it was thought that properly aligned and demarcated sections looked clean and organized. With asymmetrical layouts, however, a new way of guiding users through web pages is gaining momentum. It’s like finding purpose in chaos. Layout designs are created specifically for conversions. However, care should be taken to not go overboard with asymmetry and it should still reflect your brand.

Minimalistic Design

Minimalism is gaining popularity in the web design realm as well. Minimalistic designs are a welcome feature, pointing the user towards the main components of the website. Minimalistic designs increase curiosity and in turn, boost user engagement. They are a subtle way of increasing conversions.


  • Entry pop-ups are done to death and counterproductive.
  • Image sliders hamper the attention span of users, making them unable to focus on the message being put across.
  • Stock images are boring and unimaginative. Users prefer a more customised approach to web design including custom images.
  • Web elements that slow down a website like video backgrounds, images that take a longer time to load etc. They reduce user engagement and hamper conversions.

If you are looking to update your website according to the latest 2023 trends and boost conversions, book a free consultation with us and we will you through the ways your website can work better for your business.