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A Simple Process to Conduct A Cro Audit

A Simple Process to Conduct A Cro Audit

This is considered the most asked question of website owners. On average the conversion rate of a website is over 2% which indicates most of the visitors leave the website without any action. Now, helping conversion rate Optimisation (CRO) comes in.

CRO Audit is a proper assessment of the website performance to identify the areas that require improvement for better conversions. You will get to know the customers’ needs and take steps to convert. You can find and fix the friction points, errors, and gaps avoiding conversions. Here is a simple process to conduct a CRO audit.

Definite Goals and KPIs

To start with conversion audits, you need to determine the goals. Keep it simple and easy to achieve. If you are unaware of how to measure success, then it will be difficult to know the changes affecting the key performance indicators (KPIs). Definite the goals and KPIs to track your progress and prepare data-driven decisions.

Definite The Target Audience

 Keeping your focus on the target audience is an impactful idea to get better conversions. You need to define the target audience and check what are their requirements and needs. Consider the important factors including demographics, behavior, psychographics, and pain points when defining the target audience and creating a user-centric website.

Definite Website Analysis

Get done a thorough review of the website design, content, and user experience to check which areas require improvements and get more conversions. Some of the key factors to consider while conducting web analysis includes checking for website usability, design, content quality, checking website content, and conversion rate optimization as well.

Check Website Traffic

Analyzing the website traffic is vital to know how, when, and where to get users to interact with the website. It allows you to get more visitors and conversions some of the factors that affect the traffic sources are social media presence, email marketing campaigns, paid advertising, and search engines as well.

Analyse Website Usability

Website usability is the navigation and integration of the visitors to the website. It is important for getting more conversions. If your website is not easy to navigate then will confuse the user flow and make them frustrated.

Check the Conversion Elements

For a successful website, you need three conversion elements including forms, checkout process, and call to action and if there is any issue with that then should take steps to fix that. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the social proof. Showcase the customer’s reviews and testimonials on the website. It will create credibility and trust between the potential customers and get better leads.

Fix Landing Page Issues

You should indeed check how people are coming to the website and the problems they are facing, but never avoid the important fact that how they are leaving the landing pages. Optimization of landing pages for conversions at the time of arrival helps to avoid sending them to the other pages of the website and keeps them focused. Look at the metrics of the landing pages like which page is getting more traffic, what is bounce rate and how much time they are spending on the landing pages. If all these metrics are up to the mark, then it’s okay and if not then fix those issues.

Check the Conversion Funnel

You can also integrate the elements into one conversion funnel to check where users are dropping off and on which pages, they are spending the most time. If any part of the site or service is not working well then can be improved. A conversion funnel refers to the sequence of actions done by customers to achieve their goal then you can be able to understand where visitors are going. Working on these areas where visitors are dropping will get better conversions.

Check The Results

The main motive of a CRO audit is not just to get conclusions but to learn through the process. When you will be done with the analyzing website and get which areas require improvement, then can take steps to make a difference in how they will interact with the website. B sure you are using the right metrics to get success and getting optimization.

Repeat This Process at Regular Intervals

Website optimization is not a one-time process but should be done at regular intervals for the smooth working of the website and to get more conversions. This way you will be able to target the audience, check with competitors, and get done the search engine algorithms update for desired results.


A lot of factors play a vital role to make a website considerably successful or not. Take a look at all of them separately and know which works best. A CRO audit is crucial for any business and makes it work smoothly for better conversions.